Thursday, March 3, 2011

PJ Thomas has finally quit

Punem sexena-Supreme Court illegally appointed after the appointment of CVC PJ Thomas eventually resigned from his post. Thomas sent his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Chief Justice SH Kapadia, Justice KS Radhakrishnan and Justice Bench independent Kumar said the appointment of Thomas CVC position in terms of high-powered committee has ignored the objections of the opposition. Such an important position to appoint the person accused of corruption, unconstitutional.

Criminal case against Thomas
Former chief election commissioner JM Lingdoha including NGO Centre for Public Interest Alitigeshne (Sipeaeel), retired bureaucrats and police officials about a public interest litigation was filed in the Supreme Court. The petition, saying the appointment of Thomas was challenged in a court of Kerala criminal case against him is going.

CVC appointed on September 7
Thomas on September 7 last year was appointed CVC. Thomas, saying the central government had opposed the PIL before the Secretary made after vigilance clearance was appointed them.

The result of political hostility
Thomas also said that going to court criminal case against her former Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan Chief Minister Karunakaran and the current ongoing political rivalry between is the result. A Bench headed by Chief Justice SH Kapadia before the case had reserved its verdict on February 10 last.
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