Saturday, February 26, 2011

He so cheap and so poor Railway Budget

By Punrm sexena-Opposition parties in the 2011-12 railway budget, fully electoral budget termed the Railway Budget budget Bengal's manifesto seems over.

As budget manifesto
Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee today by presenting the Railway Budget 2011-12, the main opposition party responded to the BJP's Ananth Kumar said the railway budget this time seems more Bengal's election budget. Complete the rest of Bengal which has adopted the formula of the poor.

He said none of the Railway Minister of Railways is the country in view of the country so it should create the balanced Railway Budget Railway Budget but affection only West Bengal has made keeping in mind budget, that's why the rail budget Bengal feel more of manifesto.

Ignore the safety of passengers
Yogi Adityanath Arellbjo by the BJP in West Bengal completely designed keeping in mind the budget told the upcoming elections. He has ignored the safety of passengers and just endured announcements are accolades to loot. Dranarayan Pani said Mamata sister so well on women not keeping in mind the country of Bengal could not hold his attention is.

He said the railway budget had neglected the Orissa state government for which to a large extent responsible. Dharmendra Yadav, Bahujan Samajwadi Party said the railway budget this time has been neglected in the Uttar Pradesh West Bengal Railway Budget because it is designed keeping in mind the polls.

Prantwad provoking embarrassing
Samajwadi Party's Mohan Singh said the country's railway budget, railway budget, but a state budget is specifically designed keeping in mind. He said a Union Minister for chest Tokkara Prantwad provoking Let condemned as shameful, which is less. Socialist leader said that the Railway Budget has ignored the required resources to the Indian Railways has gone back at least ten years.

He so cheap and so poor Railway Budget was presented Railway Budget manner never seen before. Congress Jagdmbika Pal designed keeping in mind the general public why the railway budget has not been any increase in passenger fares even though he needs to pay more attention to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh especially.
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