Thursday, March 3, 2011

Desire to exploit the fear of death

punem sexena-The Supreme Court on Wednesday in Mumbai, a nurse will allow the death verdict on a petition demanding reserved. The court has expressed fears that their elderly or victims of serious accidents to grab assets such rights can be misused. Significantly, the victim of a hospital nurse Aruna Chandra Anebuggh Ssafaikarmee Derindgi the last 37 years is living inactive lives. Anebuggh death will allow the demands of the writer Pinky Aviarani.

Supreme Court reserves decision in case the nurse
Supreme Court directed at the three-member team of specialist doctors report that the victim is brain dead and hospital care is the only long time. His family has left him, so as surrogate hospital doctor treating you want to continue that this decision should be respected. Justice Markandeya Katju and Justice Tञansodha Mishra bench has reserved its verdict in the case. Remember, King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai after the brutal attack Aruna nurse went into a coma. Center of the party while GE Wahnwti Attorney General argued that neither the law nor the Constitution has no provision to allow death wish.

Advocate appeared on behalf of the hospital said Ballabh Asptalkarmee Sisodia, particularly nurses and doctors take good care of the last 37 years are Aruna. While the court in this case, the friend and advocate TR Andhyarjun said the Indian Constitution under Article-21 has the right to life. The petitioner's lawyer said Mr Neafade Aruna is devoid of the life and dignity in the hands of others. He is long suffering to bear. So will it be death itself would be appropriate. Aruna with this barbaric event November 27, 1973 was held on. Ssafaikarmee chain shackled to his neck had pulled even tried to rape. His body was disabled after the incident and then he is in bed.
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