Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oil prices ups - and downs will control: Pranab

Punem sexena-New Delhi. Egypt in the political crisis in the international market in view of increasing crude oil prices, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday prompted the government to maintain status quo in the prices of petrol and diesel prices for crude oil will contain. Mukherjee told reporters, unfortunately, made the situation in the Middle East and Arab countries affected their production capacity is available Pezad possibilities. We are keeping an eye on the situation. 

"We are in touch continuous with the Ministry of Petroleum. Egyptian government is keeping an eye on the situation. The government says that public protests against President Mubarak of Egypt Ahusnee is an internal matter. Egypt's political crisis in the international market oil prices Kachcho highest level for two years has reached 100 dollars a barrel. In the country, gasoline prices have been deregulated, but diesel, kerosene and LPG are still under the control of government. Kachcho oil prices rise due to petroleum companies in 2010 have been increased five times the price of gasoline. Petrol prices in December last was increased to 2.95 rupees per liter Kachcho in the international market price of oil was $ 90 a barrel. Food and inflation due to high level government Kachcho consumers increasingly the impact of oil encountered in trying to save the can. Finance Minister, this time we will control the situation. The government will take care of it. 
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