Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now your mobile will be in 50 languages

by punem sexena--Now on your mobile phone Hindi and regional languages other than English in some selected
Have been working. But in the days ahead of the 50 languages in the world on your mobile handset
To be able to use. In fact, Google is going to launch soon, which say that the mobile translator
All major languages to help you make sense of the world will be able to communicate with people.

Translate Google Android operating system based phone application that is going to launch
World's languages will translate. Is certain that even for this type of
Will not need. Translate to record the voice application in the language of your choice, it
Will translate.
Now Nokia will double every mobile charging system
Reliance Mobile has launched a unique service to customers
Now your mobile phone will be in your bank account
This is Nokia's most unique mobile phones
It also runs the mobile computer and printer
Came the world's first super mobile phone
This is the world's most unique mobile phones

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