Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Remove Gujarat governor, demands BJP

BJP leader L.K. Advani in Lok Sabha.By punemsexesena :Senior leader LK Advani on Tuesday led party MPs from Gujarat protesting outside Parliament House against the appointment of lokayukta in the state by the governor without consulting the Narendra Modi government and demanded her removal for "bypassing" established
Advani, Haren Pathak and around 15 other BJP MPs from Gujarat protested at the Gandhi statue in Parliament com
plex against the appointment of RA Mehta as the lokayukta by governor Kamla Beniwal.

"We are going to meet the President on September 1 or 2 when she returns to the capital. All norms were ignored by the governor like consultation with the chief minister before the appointment or taking the advice of his Cabinet on the issue. The lokayukta was appointed by the governor bypassing all established norms," Advani told reporters.

The MPs shouted slogans against the governor demanding her recall. Some of them held placards saying, "Dual policy on Gujarat will not be tolerated", "Recall Gujarat governor", "murder of democracy" and "Rajyapal Bhawan has become Congress Bhawan (governor's House has become Congress Bhawan).

Asked if the BJP would demand Beniwal's removal as governor, Advani said, "Yes. We are going to meet the President over this."

In reply to another question, the senior BJP leader said, "It is a very serious matter and we condemn it. It is an attack on the federal structure of the country. It has never happened before."

Earlier, BJP gave notices in both Houses of Parliament for suspension of Question Hour to discuss the issue which it claims is violation of Article 163 of the Constitution that states the governor should act according to the advice of the council of ministers.
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