Wednesday, September 7, 2011


By punemsexesena : Home Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday said intelligence about threats were shared with Delhi Police in July but contended that it would not be possible at this stage to identify the group that caused the bomb blast at the Delhi High Court.

Making a statement in the Lok Sabha on the blast, he regretted that the “tragic incident” had taken place despite Delhi Police being on high alert and capacity being built to strengthen the force in the last few years.

Informing members that the case would be handed over to the National Investigative Agency (NIA), Mr Chidambaram said government would not be intimidated by terrorist groups and was “determined to track down the perpetrators of this horrific crime and bring them to justice.”

He noted that Delhi was a target of terrorist groups and when Parliament was in session and during certain other times of the year, the capital is placed on high alert.

“Intelligence agencies constantly share intelligence inputs with Delhi Police. Intelligence pertaining to threats emanating from certain groups was shared with Delhi Police in July, 2011,” the Home Minister said.

“At this stage, it is not possible to identify the group that caused the bomb blast today,” he said about the terror strike which was the second incident at the High Court in over three months.
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