Friday, February 25, 2011

Flerting point of the new fnda: eyes and smile

By-Punem sexena-You will have several methods for Flerting. But According to a recent study in the Flerting success is extremely easy to get. If you like someone to tell him about your feelings immediately.

Before the study, said that the Natural beauty and physical features are you attracted to someone. The texture of the face and voice plays an important role. But Britain's Aberdeen University said their study, a source of social gestures are also attractions. According to researchers, if a man a gesture of the eyes, smile or just saying clearly that I am like you, express your feelings is very effective if it affects. Lead researchers say Ben Jones gestures to speak of the heart on the front is quite good effect.

Researchers on the 230 women and men carried out the study. These people different - different way to express your feeling. Some people pointed to the eye but not Muskurac. Some people have no eyes, no hint, but Muskurac. Jones says the attractive face was much influence of facial emotion.

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