Friday, February 25, 2011

Legislators recommended fat salary...

Punem sexena-New Delhi .. This time the central government approved the Delhi MLAs bat - bat will be. More than a million bucks they will meet the salary and with features like a package that all were Lalchane. This time legislators get around 32 thousand rupees salary. The rise in the name of rising inflation being.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday evening Cabinet meeting chaired by the new salary has put its seal. Now the proposal will be sent to the central government. But this proposal was before the Centre had returned, saying that if so much can not be increased.

So far legislators meet every month salary of Rs 6,000 in the name of the new offer but said it has raised Rs 25,000. Also constituency for Rs 25,000, Rs 10,000 for Kaanvens, house rent and Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 for office expenses is provision. House Rent Rs 10,000 so far, traveling allowance of Rs 4,000 allowance in the name of the station are given Rs.

Cabinet ministers by the increase of Rs 30,000 and Rs 35,000 to the chief minister will meet the salary. In addition to legislators, Assembly session in the days of one thousand rupees per day allowance is said to give the ministers in the case would be 1500 Rs per day. Chief Minister and Minister of the day come to office, so the allowance as they get every day.

The Center noted that the last time the offer was revoked, it 7 lakh car loans and demand for gasoline was free, but this time it has been reduced to Rs 4 lakh and free gas was not requested. Yes, 2 thousand units of electricity and 10 thousand liters of water a month will be free. Also 1.5 million telephone calls throughout the year will also feature. If the total is calculated each month, a legislator close to Rs 1,05,000 will be separately and additionally facilities.

How much salary

Salary - Rs 25,000
Constituency allowance - Rs 25,000
Office allowance - Rs 30,000
HRA - Rs 15,000
Kanvens allowance - Rs 10,000

Package Features
- Oeialing and medical allowances Group A officers comparable to
- Year 20 times and 20 times air train (first class) with another free trip
- 2 thousand units of electricity in the month free
- Month 10 thousand liters of water free
- 1.5 million telephone calls a year free
- To buy the car loan of Rs 4 lakh
- Pension: Rs 15 per month to 5 years living member. Then each year, an increase of 1500 rupees per month
- Op days a thousand rupees a day Alouns
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