Sunday, January 16, 2011

Was fixed Mahamukablah Big Boss!

By Punem sexena Big Boss Season Shweta Tiwari Edmaul four after winning the Big Boss - Biggar spectacle came to an end.Shweta came a crore and the remaining part of the people who became part of Big Boss's house, they found the identity and money. One participant acknowledged the camera. First people who were not ready to meet, have begun to recognize after coming to the Big Boss. Give sense. The reality show on view during its reality may be that a question raised but not included in the show to family members out of the house within sight of the audience did not roll anywhere. Who is out of Bigg Boss house, but not in the hands of the remote viewer program was in the hands of managers. Shweta Tiwari else's name with the Big Boss of this announcement should also announced that the Shweta were victorious against The Great Khali to win so it was decided what way? If they vote Jitaaya his audience so the audience has every right to know that their favorite Shweta Tiwari have been won by many votes. The Great Khali on the other hand the fans also have every right to know if their beloved empty if not win him back where it was missed? But the big bosses do not care.
Big Boss will not have to answer this question when indoors out how the news was not going to go out all the Dolly Bindra has been divorced? Bindra was the one episode she received it is the all the other wedding preparations. The suspicion can not be denied that before Clodia, Access Rana, et cetera - et cetera to know what they - what episode is to be out. Dolly Bindra been dropped from the program and then program them know that they want to come back. Bigg Boss looking at the role of Dolly Bindra no one can understand he had joined the program with a fixed agenda. He had been continuously engaged in the program your Ahangamen the morning. No one could say that he believed the letter on behalf of Big Boss has got the final four can not make a dandy their hair. And had little scope for doubt in the fact that Big Boss, he will forward the top four.
Shweta Tiwari in the program to replace The Great Khali's victory is in doubt of the role of speculators. No one could imagine that this would defeat the match The Great Khali! According to a news channel, missed the name of big money in speculative market was looking. Shweta Tiwari in the game that millions of rupees losses to the name of the deal so do not make a million? These things would suspect that part of not fixing Shweta win Big Boss. Shweta says she never thought she would win in Big Boss Season Four. If the big boss Shweta Shweta's victory was legitimate was sure of how to win, must take the process more transparent disclosure. Television entertainment business is worth millions, but the audience becomes the market, Yun feel as though they own the Hassish have been put on the event

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