Sunday, January 16, 2011

The play to divert the attention of petrol price rise


by punem sexena -days are underway. A - is going to blame each other. The real truth is that Sattadhish, petroleum companies and became a puppet in their hands, the electronic media - to divert attention from staff petrol price rise of inflation to the onions are acting.Hahakar temporarily increased price of onions are created. While all know the price of onions will come down sooner or later, but the price of gasoline Bdez would never decreases. News channels past few days the media - the news staff onion so 'Hype' onions would not be giving it values life - will not creation. While it's nothing. Most people do not eat onions in Jain community.Not touch, even though his health is always fine. Today the public if one - two weeks not eat onions, then Bigrega. He does not object Jiwnavsik. But gasoline is most Jiwnavsik object. That every house, every person, every family and every community needs. But the high price rise of petrol ever be not less than a Hahakar is not about the days, since no news channel has not scream on the subject.
Then tell the natural disaster (unseasonable rain) because of the onion farmers and vegetable - vegetable crop damage is widespread. That lack of vegetables including onions in the market is seen. Many farmers have been rotting onions. 2-4 rupees a kg, the rate is not ready to take on. With the electronic media do not show why the rotten crop? Why the loss of these poor farmers Zkazorne the report broadcast on the public system! But government representatives petroleum companies and Sattadhishoan play into the hands of those farmers have nothing to do with tears.

Next month ground will come when the price of onions and gasoline prices will continue to adhere to the same 62-63 per liter, then make a Hahakar Chipange mouth, these people where? Because the lower the prices of onions and vegetables will, but not the future price of gasoline Htaange ever! In the past six months the price of petrol has been increased seven times in the past six months has been expensive than 12 bucks. But where someone is - not clutter. The value of the produce of farmers at all - not that little increase is Hahakar cry. So it is the farmers against a well-planned conspiracy.

Process crude oil imported from abroad after the completion of Rs 22 per liter of petrol in India is available. But consumers have to pay for it that is 62-63 rupees per liter on each liter of at least 40 bucks more. Month, two to three kilos of onions a family dinner at least 30 to 40 liters of petrol every month (on average think). Have to much onion or gasoline prices hitting! Then the government the "common man" is so concerned about, the 22 rupees per liter on gasoline so heavy - why bloated tax applies? Why petroleum companies earn huge profits and giving? What it does not prove that long nexus between the government and the petroleum companies have?

Petrol (fuel) Jiwnavsik object, not the onion. Petrol - diesel wildly tax figure is as impractical. Against morality. Is still time, to leave the government should put tax on fuel companies to reduce profits should order. Farmers is the government's real tender, it bio-diesel and bio-gas (natural fuel) production should focus on. The sugar (cane) is made from. It would be cheaper fuel, it will also benefit farmers and the environment will benefit too. In the world, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Mauritius etc. In most countries this type are used as bio-fuel. Anti-government but farmers would probably do the same. Do not get gasoline, can affect the daily life, but you get the onions will not make any difference. So mark on onion Renkane appreciation to those on petrol should Hahaka
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