Sunday, January 16, 2011

Naked pictures of women despite the well-read

BY Punem sexena : writing negative trend in Uganda is a little less. It is that not only is low. Several newspapers are published from the capital Kampala, but the most popular newspaper - The New Vision. Then that is the largest selling and read newspaper - The monitor and East African. Also Obzarber and Red Pepper too many people are studying. All of the biggest thing in Tabalaid newspapers publish. Their value in the local currency shilling Shilling at least 800 and the maximum is 1500. View, according to INR Indian Rupee is one of about 50 shillings. And places like Sunday newspapers here publish supplements and price hike also have at least 300 shillings.
Red Pepper These soldiers generally are seen hand because it has a higher percentage of nude photographs.It is true that the culture of Uganda and Kampala, especially as American culture dominates, but the British mark is visible in many places. Pepper newspaper here as women and women read too much and not hide anything Pedhtian. But despite the naked pictures most people only read the New Vision. Kampala residents living near power show that the New Vision newspaper and monitor anti-political but also openly writes.
I saw at least four major newspapers consistently. My own experience as the best paper itself should be the East African. It's not that bad the rest of the paper, but the matter further in the selection only. Even the name of the print line, then publish the names of editors and publishers but not a registration number prints. India not only as an RNI number. The registration is only the country's main post office. Posts in Kampala at home for the postman to the tradition is, so papers are not sent by post. But surely the people is the habit of reading.Bucedo appearances in the local language is also well-read, although it is only the Roman script. Monahange newspapers are still people buy and footpaths on one side stood people enjoy reading. Morning paper houses not reflect the tradition of throwing, standing on every street vendors appear Hawker course.
About New Vision said that it is supportive of the current president Mausovini therefore most public ads are. In fact Uganda in the last 25 years the ruling Mausovini ever dare to challenge the anti-leader has not. Opposition is also minimal. Some anti-leaders also chairman of a group making a habit of speaking has been closed.Preparations for elections in Uganda are still ongoing. There are elections in two phases. The party's official candidate would choose names for it are voting Bakayada. It says here the primary election. These days, at such an election environment. The time that the MPs, not necessarily the first step in their election candidates to make their workers and party chairman just let them. So this time, all MPs in their area to the National Revolutionary Movement (Enarm) to become the candidate manipulation are turning to the money circulating.After that will come to a complete list of president and will do the final decision. Each area will be seen moving around on the New Vision newspaper reporter to monitor and distribute money or things do not get drunk votes are being published. When you open the paper the photo will look sort of like you president.
Some lawmakers happen to me the last few days because these days I am examining the finance company, it's everyday political drive is engaged. The MP Monahange interest rates for short-term loans are taken and are in their constituencies. He points out that in the next elections in February Enarm the candidates to win the set, just the hand of Majesty on the head should be.
Many stories of corruption in Uganda, but also expand the paper not to publish anything about it. Is said to take bribes so common that it's not made any news. It's the bribe in exchange rate here is more than a million.Perhaps that reporters stay away from sting operations. A journalist I wanted to know about it so he said in clear terms what to give the impression it would give Mausovini? Why spoil your relationship to be made again.Recently a story was printed here MPs over pensions, the next day the same source told the news unfounded.Responding to the reporter is not be. Type the whole story because every journalist wants to avoid Bakere.
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