Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bikini Girls I take a look at the computer!


by punem sexena the country's two renowned mobile companies pitched their customers these days were robbed because of these companies millions followed by attempts to hold them on the market is becoming loose. Why we are writing about these companies, come'll give some examples. A few months ago I took a mobile company Reliance, whose number was 9313444115. Which was prepaid. Friends in the mobile whenever I immediately puts fifty or three hundred forty of the coupons are deducted Rs. When I complained to customer care does, there comes the answer that you have opened your mobile on R World Bikini Girls have seen him then I would answer the brother I have several computers in which twenty-four hour Internet service facilities, or if I Nangh Bikini Girls - Dhrang would see the pictures I would have seen him. I'll do this on small screens of mobile to 1200.
The thing is their persistence that you have seen or will see your children? I then tell them the child if the brothers are now quite small, they can not do and then my mobile is with me. To say that sometimes - sometimes they cut my money put back, but the cheating thing I hear many people were shocked. Then I realized the said company to go public with the fraud are, and I have Reliance tree skirt.
Reliance Mobile, Tata come now when I took off her Tata's cell, which now Majburibas'm using. Because time - time to change number feel to be their great damage. Reliance Mobile Tata also feel like cheating, because for me Mahathgh with Tata are proven. Tata now the number is 9289463240 I got his number from your hard-earned and when it will recharge quickly makes his balance is deducted. Customer Care to do this when the complaint is, his response to that message at 5282 So you've cut your balance is.
Sir or Madam Samzauan I now how those who give me this answer, because I would not have time to messages and they do not know anything about 5282. Listen to this mess than I am and people put money into the Tatas are deducted immediately. Then go and I have a feeling that this company sucks the blood of our people were, since some messages come at Tata also want you to read your five Rs are Afurra immediately. I would say that this large country houses to large companies and their owners Aluteri Acwsskara blood everyday citizens are becoming rich and poor in the country somewhere responsible for increasing the number of people that are also its Vault fill not know what - what ways have people been robbed.
Living in our neighborhood Crime Post newspaper's chief editor Mon Dutt Sharma of these companies are victims of fraud. Sharma says that whenever such things as when I recharge the name of the song ever ever Nangh - Dhrang picture are going to see a cut in the name of balance. Sixty five-year-old Sharma says that I have not ever loaded a song nor Nangh - Dhrang desire to see the picture, still am a victim of fraud.
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