Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unable to pregnant women hope

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New Delhi : pregnant women unable to prove a new ray of hope this news might be.Doctors for the first time their new invention of the woman's shoulder to the elbow of the arm between the developing egg is claimed , after the cancer or other treatment for pregnant women unable to have huge support.    
Army Hospital Research and Referral (ART) practitioners of women suffering cancer of the ovary tissue is preserved. Pregnant woman to be interested in his upper arm in these tissues to be transplanted. Women using such drugs will be under the influence which the tissues of the ovary to the egg at the new location will help.    
ART Commandant Lt Gen Naresh Kumar said 
'' the first time in January we incapable of being a mother of a woman's upper arm to her ovaries transplanted tissue will be preserved. The way the process will make the eggs which will help the pregnant woman. ''    
He said '' This process is being used first time in India. ''      chemotherapy ,radiotherapy and radical surgery, cancer treatment, including many pregnant women in the age of menopause they become due which led These women become mothers fail not.
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