Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vegetables, pulses also ate Adimanw

Facebook by punem sexsena  Adimanvoan millions of years ago about living in Guafaoan still believed that they were entirely dependent on meat to eat but a recent study found that they eat vegetables and pulses also fondly was. So far this belief was very strong in Europe and Asia 230 000 years ago were living and because of this Adimanw only eat meat because they eat them ended not find another source.

A team of scientists at Washington Nianderthal species of human teeth and the new analysis found that these hunters used to eat nutritious food, including vegetables and pulses were also. Weed scientists in the bottom of their teeth 
dates , beans, etc occur. The study found that many particles were baked Maafika of Amar.

According to the Daily Express 
were found in Iraq and Belgium show that these teeth used to be the same as the use of fire Nianderthal thousand years after modern humans. Team leader Dr. Doalors Piparno scientists said they see him around the plant and use of foods used in their food.
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