Saturday, February 19, 2011

More discussion on sex to men

Punem sexena-According to a research discussion male sex more than women, but the women would discuss the subject if they hear it is really funny than men do far more comprehensive and thoughtful use of language.

Manchester University led a team of psychologists Jiyofree BT male and female talks the 56 studies reviewed. According to the Daily Mail, BT found that 24 men used more words every day.

BT then used his own recording of conversations on various subjects 50. He then volunteers have a script that every fifth word was missing and he asked them to fill up these words.

He said that the words spoken by women because they were difficult to predict uses of language are far more cautiously.

For example, to praise men 'brilliant' and 'good' use of such words, which supposedly can be easily mounted. Thus in general will be praised by men today, you sure look good.

Contrast, the type will offer women the same thing - 'I'm really loving your jacket. Where you bought it? "Overall men's words, estimated 81 percent could be imposed on occasions, while 71 percent of women in the case number. :
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