Sunday, February 20, 2011

JPC broken the deadlock, announced in Parliament possible

 by-punem sexena
Government 2G spectrum scam has agreed to provide to the JPC. On February 22 the government proposed in the House can bring its formation. Budget session on Monday are running smoothly for all-party meeting today was Speaker Meira Kumar. The meeting was attended by leaders of all parties.
The prospect of the smooth operation of the budget session
Parliament's budget session is to begin Monday and a day ago the political landscape this season indicates that the budget will not be wasted like at least the winter season. Government budget session with the smooth operation is completely serious, because this season is very important for running the government. So he came every obstacle in the way in cleaning up the skies. President's address will be the beginning of the season. Then be presented Railway Budget and General Budget. Parliament will have to pass them to the government.
Not possible to walk without a session set up JPC
The issue with a full winter season was ruined, the government has indicated to resolve the issue too. However, 2G spectrum allocation was irregularity to investigate the JPC (Joint Parliamentary Committee) announced yet occurred and the government on the issue on Wednesday its stand clear will, but conditions JPC formation indicates, because the government point Aacchie JPC well know that without the formation of the smooth operation session will probably not be possible.
PM expected to be productive budget session
Given the all-party meeting convened by Speaker Kumar Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's statement means much. The Prime Minister told reporters after the meeting that the budget session hopes of smooth operation. He also said the budget session will be fruitful. Stance would be opposition in the House on Monday, an official statement about this front has not come yet, but being understood that the President's Address at least not stand in opposition to a barrier. The c
onditions of that indicate that the opposition by Wednesday JPC is awaiting the Government's stand.
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on Friday had confirmed this decision on Wednesday before the JPC will be taken. However, according to the official agenda during the session lot of budget legislation to be introduced in the House and passed them to be. Will not move forward without the government on its agenda. The Government is committed to economic and administrative reforms. So many economic legislation during the budget session will be presented.
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