Thursday, January 13, 2011

Half years old if the child is fit mother


by punem sexsena  London .. give birth to a child any mother's life is a unique experience, but also have an impact on the mother's health. Research scientists now say that the mother after giving birth to normal takes time at least 18 months. 

Research report, with the child awake - awake at night spending decrease the mother's confidence and constantly among others are born with the ideas themselves are worried about. The research in the UK has nearly 3,000 mothers. 

Covered in the survey nearly a quarter of women said they think they are competing with actress Denise van. Dennis giving birth to her daughter five months later was able to re-perfect figure.Almost two thirds of women admitted that they themselves and loose after childbirth - molded and thick understand and are struggling to improve their figure. 

Six of 10 women said that when old clothes do not fit, his confidence is gone. A third women said that the decline in confidence led him to return to work scared. So many women during this period seemed like they just feed the baby the machine are reduced. 

With the birth of new baby personal fitness, fashion and social life are all left behind. But 18 months after the child's mother seems to be comfortable with the mother's confidence seems to return. Then the mother begins to feel comfortable in the role of women and work seems to look in their hearts.
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