Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kate Middleton's cousin likes to strip

Kate MiddletonBy punemsexesena-Kate Middleton's cousin, who is a burlesque dancer, has come into the spotlight after it was revealed that one of her routines involves her stripping to the patriotic tones of Rule Britannia.

Katrina Darling, 20, does her signature act, aptly titled 'God Save The Queen', which ends with her attired in nothing more than red nipple tassels and a barely-there thong.

It is the Royal Family's closest brush with "soft porn" since Prince Andrew's love interest Koo Stark appeared naked in an erotic film.

Darling had no idea she was related to Middleton when she created her regal striptease last year.

But it has since emerged from her family tree that the pair are second cousins, once removed, with her grandmother Jane Darling being sister to Middleton's great-grandfather Thomas Harrison.

Darling, who lives with her parents Eric, 65, and Maureen Darling, 54, in a semi-detached house, decided she wanted to be a burlesque dancer when she was 17.

"I sneaked in to watch a burlesque show and knew that was what I wanted to do," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

"Two weeks after my 18th birthday I did my first performance with the Sunderland dance troupe Coquette Collective.

"After a few shows I realised I wanted to do it as a career and got some more acts together. I don't get nervous at all because I'm used to being on stage. I don't need a stage name or alter ego. I perform as myself," she stated.

Dubbed the 'North-East's original Cheesecake Sex Pistol' on posters for her performance, she is the latest of the Middleton family to raise eyebrows with her behaviour.
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