Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adopt virtual credit card

By punem sexenaOnline Ashpiang few of their fun and then have no choice. For example, if you have frequent flyer, frequent trips to keep the online rail - air travel reservation must be using the facility and it will also make use of online payment options such as the Net - banking or credit - Using debit cards. Then, stand in a long line to pay bills instead of your home or office couch Chyubikal payment option is what a mash?

However, their threats are online Ashpiang. You do not put a little bit careful, do not ever been a lapse, and it took you dribble. If credit card online shopping even more threats. Although the Reserve Bank to rein in credit cards Frodoan of an additional security layer - the rule is made to insert the password, but if hackers manage to collect your computer to capture and steal your computer so that the information on your computer - loggers such as viruses and Trojans to put even steal your credit card number and password and thus you can put a significant lime. Online Fraud a big part of the same kind of hacking is carried out. Whether you put millions virus scanner and firewall installed make sure, mouse between hackers and security - the cat will continue to race.

But now online shopping on your credit card be sure to remove threats solution has arrived. Through virtual credit cards. What if virtual credit card virtual credit card using it the past seven - eight years continues, but the trouble due to over use any of the users is not popular. Ace as well - it only applied to isolated banks, but the credit cards online hacking and fraud began to grow, the extra security options as virtual credit cards grew longer is practiced.

The name, of course, the card is not physical existence. For you by adding your actual credit card or bank account through a computer application or log into your account online is to create virtual credit card. In this way a virtual credit card number and password that you have generated any kind on the Internet for online shopping or bill payment can. Virtual credit cards are also other qualities such as these one time, limiting maximum plus payment or can be generated for limited period so that after a while or after using it once automatically be left for work. This way the user has to provide additional security.

Virtual credit card benefits
Indeed, virtual credit card is a highly secure application. May have multiple facilities in such ..
- The computer applications as automatic form filling feature may have to fill in the online form and save you the hassle of repeatedly filling gets.
- You fake e - bay and alert and warn of false Ecomrs sites because some virtual credit cards to identify such sites are built facility.
- It allows you to have zero liability if your virtual card via ie hacking etc. anywhere without your consent if a payment is not made you a liability.
- Every time a new virtual credit card number is generated you your actual credit card number over the need to tell the public does. You buy virtual credit card limit its duration and so can set your needs.
- The original credit card for online shopping ever used spares.
- It is available free and the bank does not take a charge.

This feature in which banks
Virtual credit cards, bank and customer's benefits because they now are beginning to adopt. HDFC Bank Netseaf one such application that allows you the best of virtual credit card. Kotak Mahindra and ICICI that all the virtual credit cards are available for online shopping can be very safely used. Well, dozens secure sites on the Internet also allows you to create virtual credit cards do you through your existing bank accounts (which still does not feature you create virtual card) can create net banking payment.

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