Saturday, January 29, 2011

To enable a mobile version of your Blogger blog

punem sexena -Nowadays more and more mobile phones in use Alogbag Internet surfing and reading blogs, etc. have started. The number in the coming days is going to be even more Dhunadhaar Ejafa.
It says that such faith in your blog readers to blog on your mobile facilities should be. Blogger blog, your blog has been the ability to enable mobile version, which you should enable.

Most mobile devices have less computing power and their screens are smaller ones. If you turn enable mobiles to work on mobile version of the thing means there will see your posting. All of the remaining waste - Widget to work without sidebar links, photos, etc. will not load up the page will load in the mobile navigation will be too great and your blog post will be readable even better.
Yes, the script containing it could be a loss of sight, such as advertising Edsens come. But, again, that's not your primary objective Alogbag also read your written?

Is extremely easy. Log in Click the Settings tab and click on email and mobile links. Beta mobile template show up under there with the most visible mobile template. His 'Yes' radio button to be sure to save it. And if you want beside your blog's URL points to put your blog with a screenshot of mobile barcode bike (as this blog is always on the side bar) or take your visiting cards printed (I'm soon Chpeat ,.)
Your blog is mobile friendly. Congratulations.
Alogbag now mobile barcode images to your blog from your mobile dragging (for Compatible Mobile Phones
Comes from different applications) or directly over his URL can use a mobile version
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