Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You can still prune your mobile bill

by punem sexsena

New Delhi: As your mobile has become part of you, you can not live without it, but you might feel little tense to see your mobile bill despite the fact that mobile companies are making sure that their customers do not have to pay much for taking their service. Still, you can still reduce your mobile bill.

For that, it is important that you have to just carefully study the plans of different mobile companies.
That is important to identify the potential areas where the usage pattern can be modified to economies on the monthly spend. If you feel you have reached a point where your usage is more or less fixed and the pattern cannot be changed, you need to look at the following factors and look for offers that suit you the best:

An expert on telecom sector, punem sexsena says that If you are a professional who has had to move out of his/her hometown due to work and has to make calls back home regularly, you need to analyse your usage on the basis of the composition of local and long-distance calls. If you find that the long-distance ones indeed account for a sizeable chunk of your usage, you would do well to opt for packs that allow several long-distance calls to be made free of charge. This should be the starting point for commencing your analysis.

Remember that there is more to tariff plans. It is really important that you zero in on the networks you make calls most frequently to. Telecom service providers offer plans entailing special rates for same-network calls. You need to ascertain if you can get your friends and family members to whom you make calls often to switch to your network. Apart from common networks, cellphone users, particularly college-goers who call a set of friends often, can consider opting for group offers, where calls made within the group attract a fraction of normal charges.

This apart, some service providers, through tie-ups with certain organisations, offer corporate plans for those entities’ employees. Here, the tariff plans could be offered on concessional terms - applicable to rates as well as the number of charge-free minutes, in addition to calls made to employees who have opted for the plan could attract a minimal charge.

In order to optimise your usage, you have to look beyond tariff plans. Most telecom operators offer around 10-20 add-on packs which help customise your plan according to your usage,” suggests an official of www.yourbillbuddy.com - that offers to help users analyse their usage pattern and suggest suitable plans accordingly.email-punemsexesena@gmail.com.
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